The backbone of any great city is safe, secure neighborhoods and we need first responders to accomplish that.
— Moses Sanchez

Status Quo - When it comes to public safety in Phoenix, our police officers are understaffed and under-supported. Our city has seen a ten year-high for homicides and average response times continue to rise over the past half-decade, while City Hall still cannot manage to find the resources to hire more first responders. We have less first responders today than we did 10 years ago but the city has grown rapidly throughout the same 10 year span.


Commit to Immediately Hiring More Police Officers


Our police officers are understaffed on the streets and under-supported at City Hall. Hiring more officers isn’t about resources; it’s about prioritizing public safety. As Mayor, I will put public safety first and set a goal of returning to our pre-recession levels of police officers.


Make sure our police & fire fighters are properly manned, trained, and equipped.

Phoenix families deserve better than the status quo when it comes to public safety and as Mayor, I will make sure our FIRST focus every day is supporting first responders and making sure they have the resources to protect our communities.


Increase Community-Based Policing

When officers step out of their vehicle, every community member should know, respect and trust that officer. That starts with community-based policing that emphasizes officers working in communities and partnering with community leaders to create a safe and secure environment.


Expand and Build Effective Public Safety Programs

We should promote effective programs like the Arizona Angel Initiative that help police officers do their job and reduce the effect of substance abuse and our nation’s opioid crisis. Additionally, the City must be more proactive in partnering with organizations like the Maricopa Integrated Health System and mental health groups to provide more behavioral health resources to those in need.


Improve Booking Efficiency

Police officers should be focused on the work they do on the streets, not caught up doing paperwork at the precinct. We should invest in a system that increases booking efficiency and allows officers to get back to doing what they do best.